Analysis 1. From chapter 3 in your textbook provide 6 main reading points with

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1. From chapter 3 in your textbook provide 6 main reading points with complete intext citations. Cover all of the reading, use paraphrase rather than direct quotation. Min 15 words each, include word counts.
Intext citation format all info within parenthesis (author of article last name, year of pub, page #)
2. Read chapter #3, from your textbook, answer the following. Elaborate with each response
—->> 2a. Which companies dominate the media industry, how does the author refer to this group? (include intext citation with page number)
—–>> 2b. How does the author break down the music industry? (intext citation with page number)
——>> 2C. What does the author say about the impacts of conglomeration? Be careful to answer this question in full. (intext citations with page numbers)
3. Watch the following video on objectification in music videos

4. Research what are gender stereotypes from a credible source that is not wikipedia or any wiki or, etc. A scholarly source will be weighed more in the grading.
A. Define gender stereotypes in your words and provide source for this in the works cited – be sure to elaborate
B. What is one example of a female gender stereotype?
C. What is one example of a male gender stereotype?
5. Find one music video that is an example of sexual objectification. (Do not use the ones shown in the video above).
A. What is the video title & music genre of your popular music video?
B. Who is the artist/band/group?
C. What is the record label the album is distributed by?
6. How is gender represented in the video? Provide one specific example. Discuss sexual objectification & gender stereotypes in one or more specific scenes . This scene(s) should be specific enough to include detailed description of images, lyrics, setting, etc… (Label example 1 as shown below). Include word count —
Use the format below for your example:
Example 1 (min. 150 words total)
A. describe sexual objectification, through images, lyrics, body parts, clothing, etc.
B. describe gender stereotypes be sure to elaborate
7. Be sure to include a complete works cited.

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