Discussion Post: “The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans” We h

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Discussion Post: “The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans”
We have learned in our class that Black Americans have long sided in battles with the United States (sometimes against them if freedom was at stake). Yet, the participation of black soldiers is still a contested form of debate and often forgotten. Black Americans have been brutally beaten and killed while in their military uniform returning from the war. The Civil War is no different. When Confederates caught blacks (free and enslaved) fighting for the Union, they were overwhelmingly massacred.
In the article, “The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans,” Peter C. Baker covers a brief history of the extreme measures white Americans enacted to suppress black soldiers that dared fight for their country in an attempt to gain social, economic, and political equality and display a sense of dignity.
This Discussion is a bit different. After reading the article answer the following questions:
What is the main argument of the article? (In other words, what is the writer attempting to prove in this article?)
List and give examples of the evidence used to support this argument.
Based on the evidence, what is your overall analysis of the article? (This needs to be a critical, thorough response. Do not say, “it was good.”)
Remember: Your initial postings should be at least 250 words and responses to others should be at least 100 words. Please avoid posting short responses to others such as, “Great post”, “I agree,” or “Me too,” and responses that repeat what you have already mentioned in your post. Instead, think in terms of commenting on specific areas of others’ posts.

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