Please revise the attached document please add examples. See all feedback below

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Please revise the attached document please add examples. See all feedback below for each section.
Talent Acquisition
Very good strategies in this section. We need an example from an organization. The “hypotheticals” are just not as effective…”an organization”…it is best to discuss a real organization. Here were the instructions in the week 3 announcement:
1. Carefully review Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric.
2. Complete the readings for this module.
3. Select an organization to analyze. This will provide you with a framework and allow you to be very specific in your recommendations. Northumbrian Water in the UK, for example, is a utility whose website is a wealth of strategy ideas that they are deploying to recruit, retain, develop employees in the “utility” sector. Here is the link: Be sure to check out the NWG Academy and Strategy 2020 tabs.
(There are many other organizations out there to choose from. This is where you will get examples to provide in each of the milestone sections. You can use an organization you have worked or work for, if you prefer. As another example, notice how your textbook authors refer to examples throughout the chapters. Page 3 is devoted to explaining how IBM’s HR practices resulted in engaged employees and innovative products.) This is a way to provide a link from the course content and theory to the real world.
Employee Engagement and Retention
Good strategies in this section. Where is the example. You can research a company with a positive culture and add it.
Learning and Development
Good strategies. Where is the example. Take a look at page 403 in the textbook. They discuss in-house training programs at McDonald’s and General Electric. This is an example.
Total Rewards
Good content. Where is the example. What types of total rewards programs does your current employer offer. Is it what the employees need or what. Is it competitive?
Employee Discipline
Good coverage of the topic with an example.
Performance Management
Good overview of the topic. Where is the example? What types of performance systems does your current or former employer use? Was it effective in meeting organizational goals?
Employee and Labor Relations
Good comparison between grievance procedures. Where is the example? Does your current or former employer have a complaint process? Is it effective based on your research?
Example of a complaint process from Walmart
Diversity and Inclusion
Good overview. Where is the example? Check the website Diversity Inc. There are lists of companies with D & I initiatives. You will notice that managements role is prominent in implementing the strategies. Perhaps you could use one as an example.
Risk Management
Good coverage of the topic. Where is the example? Check the EEOC Newsroom for companies being sued for discrimination. What could they have done to prevent this? You could use this in your example. Newsroom
Corporate Social Responsibility
This section is somewhat brief and lacks an example. Check the sustainability report for Coca Cola. Notice the wide variety of programs they undertake. Perhaps this could provide more content and an example?
Coca Cola’s sustainability report outlines the company’s commitment to many areas including: Agriculture, Human Workplace Rights, Giving Back, Climate Protection, Water Stewardship, Packaging and Recycling and Women’s Economic Empowerment. You can also see the goals they have set for the future in these areas.

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