Revisit the case study you selected, but view it through the lens of the entire

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Revisit the case study you selected, but view it through the lens of the entire semester. That is, present a thorough review of the case study you select, conceptualized using constructs from throughout the entire semester.
For example, Susan Smith was assigned as a case study, as a juxtaposition to Andrea Yates. You could select Susan Smith and discuss personality constructs (antisocial traits, borderline traits), malingering concerns, competency & sanity MSO concerns, risk and dangerousness, etc. For the case you select, feel free to review as many constructs from the semester which pertain to the case as you think are relevant.
This assignment is purposefully ambiguous and open-ended. You are being asked to demonstrate your mastery of material from throughout the semester to a case study.
Please note that there is a minimum required word count; emphasis on the word ‘minimum’. Meeting the minimum word count will meet the minimum grade. Do not be bound by the word count; the word count is a minimum. Write to a degree that you think you have sufficiently exhausted constructs which are relevant to the case you select.
The things that l put when l did the case
Facts in a case are the actual occurrence evident in the scenario. The following facts are evident in the case of Colin Ferguson. The murder happened in a Long Island Rail Road train carrying commuters’ homes. On December 7th, 1993, the incident occurred at 5:133 pm on the train heading to Hicksville from New York City. As the train was nearing Nassau County, one of the commuters Colin Ferguson from Jamaica, aged 36, rose and marched unhappy on the passageway shouting everybody he approved. He was using a 9mm gun. Frightened passengers struggled him down when he had paused to reload. More than 19 people were killed and several injured.
Pro se gives someone the right to appear in court on their behalf without an attorney. Colins Ferguson was competent to go for pro se since he was conversant with the nature of the legal accounts contrary to him. Also, he could contribute to his defense in court. Moreover, he too distinguished right from wrong at the shootings (Colins Ferguson Trial, 1995). Additionally, Ferguson was mentally able, as declared by Nassau County District Judge Ira Warshawsky. Colins also did not cooperate with Falanga, who was to defend him on the ground of insanity. Ferguson’s actions were triggered by hatred for Caucasians; this was evident in the notes found in his pockets. Furthermore, he rejected the assumption that he was mentally unsound. The above behaviors by Colins proved that he was competent and went for pro se.
In the case of Colin Ferguson, it is evident that he was unable to defend himself in a meaningful way. He lacked the competence to act as attorney general. He had trust issues and could not evaluate the advice offered. Moreover, many people cannot defend themselves, interfering with the defense’s conduct.

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