Critical Conversation Prompt View Crip films(

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Critical Conversation Prompt
View Crip films( and chapter 8, 9 summary first then write following prompts
Reflect: How Does Disability Culture Play a Role in the Resistance of Ableism? Select one option below for reflect section:
Option 1: Reflect on your own identity and the role that positive identification with that identity and culture plays in your life. Share some of the important aspects of being connected to people with common identities and cultural affiliations.
Option 2: Choose one of the activists or organizations to learn more about. Write, draw, or record about what interested you about this particular activist, what you learned, and how their work can inform your anti-ableist practices.
Option 3: Free choice! There was a request to have the option of writing about something that may not be addressed in one of the prompts. Go for it! This is an opportunity for you to express what you’re learning and process that learning in whatever way feels best to you.
Engage: Connect your reflection with references to Undoing Ableism and one of the Crip films. The discussion questions may guide those connections, but you can also draw on what stuck out to you, what surprised you and what you learned.
Please give a brief synopsis of what you watched since your group may not have seen the same film.
What is disability culture? What are some examples of disability culture?
How does the film contribute to your understanding of disability history and activism?
How does the film challenge bias views that you or others may have about disability?
What is the role and importance of intersectionality, cross-disability, and cross-movement organizing?

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