Please review the material presented and make a selection of a project for your

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Please review the material presented and make a selection of a project for your Case study. Please keep in mind that they should meet the criteria listed below and make sure you review the statistics on occupancy.
Note: The most outstanding Case studies from each Real Estate category will be selected for review and commentary by your peers in the FINAL WEEK.
Site selected is Ten Fifty B an affordable housing development in San Diego, CA
Focus on trends of Multi-Family Developments: Project Feasibility, Market Analysis, Location, Population growth and all other factors that impact the Financial Feasibility.
Review articles articles associated with the links on the specific Case Study for further amplification and understanding. Explore other links you may find which can add more information to the particular development.
As you review the material summarize the main points. Keep in mind the recent statistics, vacancy rates, and the trends in the particular region the project is located.
Criteria to Write about:
As you look for information to write about your case study, make sure it covers the following areas:
Site Feasibility
Design & Construction
Marketing & Leasing
Operations & Management
Then address the following criteria:
Identify the elements that make the development you chose unique.
Review and list the reasons the project appeared feasible and economically successful.
Explain what was the emphasis placed on this particular project and the reasons behind it.
Compare this housing with others in communities you have experienced.
Explain in what way, if any, sustainability came into play during Development.
Reflect on how it compares with the mix of housing throughout Coachella Valley.
Your Essay or Power Point presentation should be about 750 words in length. Please break the text into sub-groups with titles to identify the content of the paragraphs. Also use a minimum of 3 images within the text or Power Point to illustrate the project and its context.

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