For this activity choose ONE of the ethical scenarios listed below and create a

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For this activity choose ONE of the ethical scenarios listed below and create a one to two page response. As you create your response to the issue you should work through these five steps for ethical decision-making that can be viewed in depth at the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (Links to an external site.).
Define the Problem
Seek out Relevant Assistance, guidance and support
Identify the alternatives
Evaluate the alternatives
Make the decision
Be sure to utilize appropriate APA Style – Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. You should utilize the APA Paper Template (Links to an external site.) to develop your response (you will need to click “File” then place your mouse over “Download As” and click on “Microsoft Word.” This will create a Word document for you to type into, save, and submit your personal file). Make sure that you state your opinion in your response, but support your position with material from the text.
Chapter 11
Richard and Michelle Kommit traveled to New Jersey to have fun in the casinos. While in Atlantic City, they used their MasterCard to withdraw cash from an ATM conveniently located in the “pit” – the gambling area of the casino. They ran up debts of $5,500 on the credit card and did not pay. The Connecticut National Bank sued for the money. Law aside, who has the moral high ground? Is it acceptable for the casino to offer ATM services in the gambling pit? If a credit card company allows customers to withdraw cash in a casino, is it encouraging them to lose money? Do the Kommits have any ethical right to use the ATM, attempt to win money by gambling, and then seek to avoid liability?
Chapter 12
The National Football League (NFL) owns the copyright to the broadcasts of its games. It licenses local television stations to telecast certain games and maintains a “blackout rule,” which prohibits stations from broadcasting home games that are not sold out 72 hours before the game starts. Certain home games of the Cleveland Browns team were not sold out, and the NFL blocked the local broadcast. But several bars in the Cleveland area were able to pick up the game’s signal by using special antennas. The NFL wanted the bars to stop showing the games. What could it do? Was it unethical of the bars to broadcast the games that they were able to pick up? Apart from the NFL’s legal rights, do you think it had the moral right to stop the bars from broadcasting the games?

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