Look at the Criteria of Writing Proficiency (click on “How Evaluated?”). Then,

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Look at the Criteria of Writing Proficiency (click on “How Evaluated?”). Then, tell us which essay best demonstrates the criteria.  Note: This might not be the essay in your portfolio that got the highest grade. In a substantial paragraph, explain why you chose this essay, and how this essay best represents your capabilities as a writer. Specifically: Tell us the position that you take in this essay, and why you took this position. Tell us what was the most convincing evidence you used in support of that position and why. Tell us any other aspect of this essay that you’re proud of. Then, in another paragraph, explain how the essay you discussed is different from the other essays in your portfolio. You might consider: Are these differences the result of a different audience, purpose, or context for the essays? Are some differences because these are different types of essays? Do the differences represent changes in your writing skill? In a separate paragraph for each paper: Tell us how these essays demonstrate your growth as a writer. Or, if you’d prefer, tell us how these essays reveal to you what you’d still like to work on as a writer. Either way, refer to specific examples within your essays to help you explain this. Finally, feel free to discuss what factors (tutors? professors? peers? a new-found commitment to writing?) have aided your growth as a writer. If there’s anything else you want to tell us about your writing, please include it in your reflection.

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