1. After you have read the essay, write a brief response to one of the Questi

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1. After you have read the essay, write a brief response to one of the Questions for Consideration. Please write out the question that you are responding to before your response.
What effect does Pedersen intend to produce on readers by using this comparison? What is your personal response to the comparison?
In “The Dog Delusion,” April Pedersen writes, “Within the past decade, however, pets—primarily dogs—have soared in importance.” Pedersen questions whether this trend is healthy. One of her paragraphs, excerpted below, presents an extended comparison. As you read the paragraph, see if you can figure out the comparison and the criteria used to make it. To read the entire article, see Part 6.
In a Pew Research Center study, 85 percent of dog owners said they consider their pet to be a member of their family. However the latest trend is to take that a step further in seeing the animal as a child. A company that sells pet health insurance policies has dubbed the last Sunday in April as “Pet Parents Day.” Glance through magazines like Bark, Cesar’s Way (courtesy of “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan), and other mainstream publications, and the term “pet parent” crops up regularly. The “my-dogs-are-my-kids” crowd isn’t being tongue-in-cheek, either. They act on their beliefs, buying Christmas presents, photos with Santa, cosmetic surgery, and whatever-it-takes medical care for their animal. In fact having a puppy, claimed one “mother,” is “exactly the same in all ways as having a baby.” And while pushing a dog around in a stroller would have gotten you directions to a mental health facility twenty years ago, today it’s de rigeur to see a canine in a stroller (or a papoose), and some passersby are downright disappointed to discover a human infant inside

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