Below are the instructions: Attached is an example LETTER TO PRINCIPAL RESPONSE

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Below are the instructions: Attached is an example
Educational leaders in today’s schools are faced with balancing a myriad of current trends and
issues that trickle down and eventually affect the function of their schools. Upon reviewing the
topics below, choose one as the basis to form a Principal’s response to the topic. You will
compose a formal written Principal’s response surrounding your chosen topic as though the
content of the topic was received from a stakeholder regarding an emerging issue or trend in
education affecting your school, the students at your school, and/or district.
You should research, and gather supporting information on the topic. Your response should be
professionally written in proper letter format. Your response should demonstrate a scholarly,
high-level approach to answering/replying to a specific issue from the Principal’s perspective.
You must show evidence of reading of the text, and thought on the topic. Your reply must
include relevant research, which supports your response. Specifically, you will include a
minimum of one (1) scholarly reference.
The list below includes suggestions for current issues upon which you must select one topic to
investigate, gather research, and compose a Principal’s response letter to a stakeholder:
Bullying Prevention
Single Gender Classrooms
Gender Equity in the Classroom
Class Size
Homework Elimination
Standardized Curriculum
Standardized Testing
Retention and Social Promotion
Gifted Programs
Technology in the Classroom
Social Media as an Influencer on the Learner
Extended School Year Calendar (or other altered scheduling)
Charter Schools
School Choice and Vouchers
Graduation Rates

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