Entrepreneurial influences and success.

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This 2500w essay is about entrepreneurial influences and success.
I uploaded the file explaining what to do and what is expected with the assignment structure.
Why understanding the factors that influence someone to become and succeed as an entrepreneur is important?
Create a short backstory story about the “made up” entrepreneur Mr so (found in the attached file)
Part I
entrepreneurial personality traits (example: creative, perseverant, risk-taker, initiative-taking, opportunity seeker, internal locus of control, team builder,) etc create chapters around those traits and stories that relate Mr So’s entrepreneurial journey and success to those traits in an analytical way (not descriptive!) backed with research paper/journals/ book from relevant authors.
Part II Antecedent influences on the entrepreneurial becoming of Mr So
E.g., Family, education, gender, role models, previous employment
Part III Situational factors (push or pull or both?)
Immigration/ unemployment language barrier/ necessity entrepreneurship/pull entrepreneurship
Economic Opportunity, location near a highway without any store around = seised the opportunity
there is the school required assignment topic and structure and I wrote some recommendations to save time as to how to do it and what to talk about
An interview with a real entrepreneur is supposed to be done but just create a fake one with a life story that is convenient to highlight the subject. The person will be Mr So an immigrant Chinese that went to the Philippines to start a corner store etc
I already wrote some

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