Just War Theory and Terrorism Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read C

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Just War Theory and Terrorism
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 1 in the Martin (2016) text. To check your understanding of the material required for this discussion, you may wish to access the quizzes and flash card activities on the companion website (Links to an external site.) for the Martin text.
In Martin’s discussion, “The Just War Doctrine,” lays out several questions first published by the Christian Science Monitor (Scott, 2001) in this article Tyson (2001) lays out six questions:
Is it justified to attack states and overturn regimes to get at terrorists?
Can the United States legitimately target political figures like Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar?
What are U.S. obligations in terms of minimizing civilian casualties?
What types of force should be used?
When should U.S. forces take prisoners, rather than killing Afghan Troops?
Is there a plan for peace? (Martin, 2016, p. 9)
Select one of the questions above and address it based on “The Just War Doctrine” as discussed by Martin. You must argue the issue from the perspective of the U.S. government or a sovereign nation such as Afghanistan or Iraq. Support your post with examples from required materials, scholarly sources, or official government sources.
Your initial post must be a minimum of 400 words. Use APA formatting to cite your sources in-text as well as at the end of your post.
Guided Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You are encouraged to post your required replies earlier in the week to promote more meaningful and interactive discourse in this discussion forum.
In Martin’s discussion of “The Just War Doctrine” he states:
In the modern era, both dissidents and states have adapted the just war tradition to their political environments. Anti-state conflict and reprisals by states are commonplace. Dissidents always consider their cause just and their methods proportional to the force used by the agents of their oppressors (2016, p. 8).
From the perspective of a terrorist or dissident group, evaluate your classmates’ posts and present a counter-argument or different perspective using “The Just War Doctrine.” As you review your colleagues’ posts, look at this issue from the opposite perspective. How does your perspective change based on which side you present – sovereign nation or dissident group? How does “The Just War Doctrine” impact the current war on terrorism being waged by the United States and with international terrorist organizations such as Hamas or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, (ISIL)? Are the current attacks against civilian targets by terrorists in Paris and San Bernardino justified using “The Just War Doctrine”?
Please continue to monitor the discussion forum until 5:00 p.m. on Day 7, and respond with robust dialogue to anyone who replies to your initial post.

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