Write a full two-paragraph response to the following question: How exactly does

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Write a full two-paragraph response to the following question: How exactly
does Rowlandson’s narrative continue an ethnocentric perspective we see
also in Winthrop and Bradford? Include specific examples.
Summary of Rowlandson’s life:
 Narrative: one of first literary bestsellers: 4 editions in 1682, more than 30 total editions
 Reappeared in moments of national crisis: American Revolution
 Centers on national rights and God’s challenge
 National ideology
 1637?, Born in England, settled in Salem during youth
 Married Rev. Joseph Rowlandson
 King Philip’s war had many influences: tribal differences,
governmental differences, etc., however, encroachment on
Indian (Algonkian) land was central
 1664, Wamsutta (Wampanoag chief) was seized by English and
died – Plymouth Colony wished to purchase more land
 Metacom (King Philip) became chief and agreed to Colony’s
 Colonists continued to encroach, and a series of problems
 Assuming Metacom’s tribe was responsible for the murder of a
converted Indian, the Colonists killed 3 Wampanoags
 1675, Metacom counters by attacking the village of Swansea
 War finally declared by Colonists on September 9, 1675
 Mary and three children were taken captive during war
 After reconnecting with her husband, he died and she married
Captain Samuel Talcott
 Her publication is significant because the Puritan culture did not
acknowledge women as public speakers or writers
 Many influences affected her publication including a decline in
the Separatist Church, edification of future generations, perpetuation of negative images of Indians, and other “national” and religious motives
 The narrative is also rich with psychological content pertaining to her ways of thinking, although her work exposes her prejudice

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