Using the hard work that you put in the Research Paper for Unit VII, you will bu

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Using the hard work that you put in the Research Paper for Unit VII, you will build a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation to
present your findings, and portray the importance of implementing an ethics-training program for a public organization. This
is the framework for an actual presentation that you may be asked to make in the future. Use this opportunity to get
feedback and put together a “first-rate” presentation!
Components of the presentation will include:
five to six abbreviate bullets for each slide, using approximately 24-point font,
a simple but appropriate background for your slides, and
the “Notes View” section below each slide to incorporate the talking points that you would use when presenting each
The sequence of slides will be:
Slide 1: Title slide – title of the assignment, student name, course title, and date;
Slide 2: Basis for your research;
Slide 3: Conclusions from your research;
Slide 4: Four Goals for an ethics-training program;
Slide 5 and 6: Cite two examples of public administration corruption;
Slide 7 and 8: Describe two areas public institutions should focus on over the next five years;
Slide 9: Summary (note the key points and why you believe this is important), and
Slide 10: References (APA format).
You are required to use at least two sources in your presentation. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment,
including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. If you need some reminders as to good practices to
use when creating a PowerPoint presentation for an academic project

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