Step 1: Determine the unique role the public plays in helping address the health

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Step 1: Determine the unique role the public plays in helping address the health or recreation issue you identified in your scholarly paper: Parenting and Children Mental health
Keep it current and relevant to a general audience. It does not need to be Bay Area or even California specific but it does need to be written to a general audience.
Step 2: Argue the unique role the general public plays in helping solve the issue (Parenting style and children mental health) and recommend two specific actions they should take. Persuade the general public as to why these actions are relevant and needed. Step 3: Use Evidence from your scholarly paper and the news, both general and specific to your areas of specialty, to back up your claims. Though in-text citations are not used in this genre, crediting sources is still required and using hyperlinks to link to sources is encouraged.
How are you going to get people to care about your issue (parenting and children mental health) (hook/lede)?
Start your op-ed by sharing upfront what your overall message or opinion is. What is the main idea you want readers to listen to? Make your point as clearly as possible. Keep sentences short. Don’t fall into academic speak – write to a general audience.
Include why you are the expert as a Public Health major. Tell how your opinion affects people or the community. Make it human. Follow up with statistics.
Keep your voice strong. Don’t use jargon or say “I think” or “I believe” — declare your opinions and back them up with facts that are THE most persuasive for a general public.
End strong by reiterating your call to action and painting a bigger picture. Why are these actions on the part of the general public relevant and needed? What can the general public expect if these changes are implemented? How might the general public benefit? Rhetorical Specifications:
Purpose: To argue/persuade
Audience: The general community
Subject: How the general public plays a unique role in helping with the public health or recreation issue you identified in your scholarly paper.
Genre: Persuasive essay for the Spartan Daily newspaper opinion section. Limit to 750 Words.
Format: Letter
With a heading of:
Creative Title
Author Name, Major Single spaced / double spaced between paragraphs with no first line indent.
Structure: (750 words)
*Note: this structure is not a rule! This is just one way of approaching it. LEDE (AROUND A NEWS HOOK)
A lede is what sets the scene and grabs your reader’s attention – it is your introduction. A news hook is what makes your piece timely, and often is part of the lede. THESIS
Statement of argument – either explicit or implied
Based on evidence (such as stats, news, reports from credible organizations, expert quotes, scholarship, history, first-hand experience)
In which you pre-empt your potential critics by acknowledging any flaws in your argument, and address any obvious counter-arguments.

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