Research paper : 20 points and 10 for 2 children’s books Choose one topic from

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Research paper : 20 points and 10 for 2 children’s books
Choose one topic from the list below which are topics related to common stressors affecting children and their families:
Death of a parent
Unemployed families
Children with special Needs
Parent(s) in the military
Moving to a new home
Chronic illness in the family
Natural disasters such as fires or earthquakes
Homeless families
Alcoholism or Drug abuse in the family
Parents being incarcerated
Domestic Violence
Single Parents
School Bullying
Parent(s) living abroad
Immigrant families
After you select one topic, you will need to answer the questions below based on your own research using three different professional /academic resources. These include textbooks, professional journals, hospitals, universities or Government agencies only. (you might want to use three different textbooks, or three different government websites, or three different hospitals or three different journals or three resources being a combination of any of them.)
Questions to answer
Make sure you copy each question and provide the answer right after the question.
List the stressor that you selected from the list.
What are two possible impacts of this stressor in adults AND children? Be specific, in your explanation in how it affects children and how it affects adults. Indicate the source of this information on your paper using APA style. ( This is known as in text citation)
List and explain three different ideas based on your research (referrals, strategies, resources) of how teachers or other adults can help the family being exposed to this stressor Each idea needs to show the source of the information (based on your research sources)(use in text citation)
(Links to an external site.)
Attach one bibliography page to your document listing the THREE research resources used on your work.
In addition,
Find two children’s books that you would read to children from any age from preschool to second grade that address the stressor that you selected. Attach the image of the TWO books to your paper. (you can use online library services to search for the books or search them online and you will need to save a picture of the cover /image)). 4.1 List the title, author and publisher for each of the two books (preschool to second grade reading) that you selected . Make sure to include an image of the book cover for each one of them (copy image and paste it on your document.)
Do not plagiarize, it will make you fail the assignment. Use your own words to write the paper. Your bibliography page needs to follow APA style. Your answers to each of the questions need to use in text citation APA style.

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