Instructions: The following questions ask you to explain the arguments and claim

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Instructions: The following questions ask you to explain the arguments and claims made in the various readings you have done in week 1 (specifically, sections 2.3 and 7.4). Your responses to the questions should include complete explanations of the arguments—arguments use several steps of reasoning to establish a conclusion, and you must explain each step of reasoning when asked to explain an argument (do not just state an author’s conclusion). Your thoughts should be explained fully and completely. Your response should be at least 500-750 words, but you are graded on how complete and accurate your explanations are, not on length.
Question 1: Introduction (based on 2.3)
1. As you read about in 2.3, Socrates believed that “the unexamined life is not worth living”, but he saw most of his fellow citizens living unexamined lives. Socrates posed the following challenge to the citizens of Athens: “You are a citizen of Athens, a city which is very great and very famous for its wisdom and strength–are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money and honor and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the true self?”. He also accused his fellow citizens of “sleepwalking” through life. Keeping this in mind, please answer the following questions:
Do you think that Socrates’ challenge and accusation are still relevant today? Identify at least one example from today that suggests that Socrates’s challenges applies to contemporary society and explain why exactly your chosen example exemplifies Socrates’ challenge. Why might having a society full of these “sleepwalkers” who care only about money and reputation and not about truth and wisdom be a bad thing?
Question 2: Traditional arguments for God’s existence (7.4).
1. Aquinas gives “five ways” of proving the existence of God in the 7.4 reading. Explain in your own words the argument given in either the first or second way (argument from motion or argument from efficient cause). Then, explain an objection to this argument.
*Answer both questions separately!

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