I need a response for each person with citation/source makia The two most import

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I need a response for each person with citation/source
The two
most important lifestyle habits to help you lower your cancer risk are eating
healthy and staying active. Lifestyle behaviors and environmental factors
around 70-90% of cancer cases. Being active prevents weight gain and obesity,
which may reduce the risk of developing cancers. This also helps improve your
hormone levels and the way your immune systems works. I feel I can eat much
better than I am currently doing. I don’t eat as much fruit as I should. The
last few weeks have been very stressful for me. I have also slowed down
exercising. When this class first began I was motivated now it feels like I’m
not as motivated as I was. A balanced diet of fruits, veggies and more whole
grain may prevent from such diseases. Cancers also run in my family. Hopefully
I can and will do everything to prevent anything like that from happening. The
most common cancers are Breast, Lung, Prostate and Colon. One of my great aunts
just found out she was in Stage 4 pancreatic cancers but it is a more slower
Cancer development is related to
eviromental factors. The lack of exercise or physical activity we do weakness
us overtime, such as our muscles, and our immune system. Therefore, for
our body to fight off cancer, we would have to live a healthier and more
physical lifestyle so that way our body could be strong enough to fight off bad
viruses. Now that I have become more physically active and have started eating
better, I do feel like I am doing everything I can to prevent myself from
getting cancer. However, sometimes I do question myself when I fall off track.
I must always remember though that curtain diseases run in my family, and I
must do the best I can to prevent anything bad happening to me. The best
way to prevent yourself from getting cancer would be to stop stressing, stop
smoking, stop drinking too much, and to adopt a healthier, more physical

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