This assignment is a research paper based on the affects of respect and how it c

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This assignment is a research paper based on the affects of respect and how it can change the world for the better. Working thesis is: “Respect is an essential virtue in life and within our society with the power to make our world a better place and help us coexist peacefully.” We have written two essays leading up to this final one (this current assignment) and both have been pertaining to this exact paper. I will attach both and you can.use whatever you would like from them to put the final paper together, but just for clarity it is going to be a new one from the two attached. They are simply drafts/plans for getting to the end goal!
There are different objectives and guidelines for the paper with what it needs to include and I will paste them below.
You’ve been working on the research for this paper during the recent weeks in our course. Now, your job is to select at least 5 sources to include in your paper. Use both direct quotations and paraphrasing throughout the text of your paper.
Works Cited page
Your paper must include an MLA formatted Works Cited page that cites all of the sources you quote or paraphrase in your essay. For information on formatting your Works Cited page, see our course page Works Cited Page Instructions.
Parenthetical Citations
With each quotation or paraphrase, include an MLA-style parenthetical citation that identifies the source the quote or paraphrase came from. For information on formatting your parenthetical citations, see our course page Parenthetical Citation Instructions.
Cite your research sources in MLA format throughout your essay
Use direct quotation and paraphrase to integrate information from your research sources
Create appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade readers
Plant a naysayer in the essay to strengthen the argument
Finalize a Works Cited page in MLA format
Introduction, Body, and Conclusion paragraphs
A thesis statement in your Introduction paragraph
Cites at least 5 research sources using both direct quotation and paraphrase
Uses all of the following rhetorical strategies: ethos, pathos, and logos
Uses the following rhetorical strategy: planting a “naysayer”
Works Cited page
MLA format for the essay and Works Cited page

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