First, find an artifact. An artifact is an object made by humans that represents

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First, find an artifact. An artifact is an object made by humans that represents and sometimes symbolizes their present cultural and historical significance.
Obtain an artifact that’s relevant to our theme, happiness. It could be something that is meant to cause some type of happiness or life improvement, or it may accidentally cause it, or it may be something that caused you or a loved one or family happiness in the past, or it may even cause unhappiness or stress.
After you’ve chosen your artifact:
Write a paper (approx. 2 pages double-spaced with a pic of the artifact attached) discussing what your artifact is, how you obtained it, what the cultural, historical, social, political, economic significant is, and what you will do with it.
What should you do with it? Keep it, if you have a reason to (ie, intense personal significance) or donate it (making something insignificant more significant while increasing the happiness of yourself as well as the receiver). Or maybe you can do nothing with it because it was never yours.
Just a few examples
– You can choose a bag of dog food and donate it to a local shelter. You would research dog food in the 20th century, or animal shelters in the 20th century, or both, and discuss how it’s culturally/historically significant and why you chose to donate it.
– You could pick an object that was given to you at some time in your life and discuss not only how it’s personally relevant to you, but also how it’s culturally/historically relevant.
– You could choose a box of crayons, discuss its cultural/historical significance, and donate it to an afterschool program or kindergarten, etc.
– You could pick a popular snack food, discuss its cultural/historical relevance, and then give it to a friend.

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