What type of diluent is typically used to reconstitute powdered medication

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6; For the folowing description -state which type of injection is being described-answers may be used more than once (answer options ;A .Intradermal injection ,B. subcutaneous injection ,C.Intramuscular injections),There is only one answer for each question .
a;Deltoid ,ventrogluteal regions,vastus lateralis.
b; 10-15 degree angle
c;PPD (tuberculin,skin test)
d;23-25 G
e; Fatty outer portion of of the upper arms ,the lower abdomen ,the middle and lower back ,and the thigh region .
f;No more than 1 mL per location
g;Needle size 20-23 G, 1-2
h;18-20 G for hormones ,steroids ,Penicillin ,and certain vitamin preparation
i;45 degree angle ;however ,a 90 degree angle may be appropriate for patient with lots of adipose tissue or when using a shorter needle.
j; Thicker or oil -based medication ,typically 18-20 G Needle
k;26-27 G
l;Aspirate ,except for immunizations
m; 1/2 – 5/8 inch
n.A longer needle and a steeper angle of 90 degrees
o. 3/8 – 5/8 inch
p.No more than 3 mL
7.What type of diluent is typically used to reconstitute powdered medication
a. Sterile Peroxide
b .Sterile alcohol
c .sterile saline
d.Sterile chlori
8.all of the folowing are types of medications that are single -dose and avaible in prefilled cartridges except.
a.Penicillin G benzathine
9.At what angle should an intradermal injection be given?
a. 5- degree
b .10-15 degree
c .45-degree
10.All of the following would be sits for subcutaneous injection except;
a.Inner forearm
b.Upper arm
c.Lower abdomen
d.Thigh re
11.The dorsogluteal site was previously used to administer medication ;However ,this site is no longer recommended because of the danger of nicking what nerve?
12.All of the following would be common medication given subcutaneously except;
b.Polio (IPV)
c.Allergy injection
d.Allergy extracts for testing
13.which of the following routes should be used for the MMR vaccine?
14.Which of the following routes should be used for PPD or tuberculin skin testing?

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