Immunology Virtual Lab Questions. What are ELISA assays used for in labs?

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Immunology Virtual Lab Questions
(Adapted from HHMI BioInteractive Student Worksheet)
Go to Start the virtual lab and maximize the screen if you wish. Answer the following questions in the spaces provided and submit here. Your submission should be pdf or word only or entered as text. In order to get full credit for this assignment, you must use your own words! This will be counted as a quiz.
What does ELISA stand for?
What are ELISA assays used for in labs? Give at least three examples.
Briefly describe two limitations of an ELISA. Please use your own words.
Which portion of the blood is used for the test? Explain.
In five sentences, summarize how an ELISA assay “works.”
How is the test quantified?
Lab Notebook
Click on Figure 1 – What are the four steps of an ELISA protocol?
What are you preparing in step 2? Why are there three different solutions?
In steps 3 and 4, you prepare an ELISA plate.
What has the ELISA plate been pretreated with?
Why is it necessary to include controls? What are the controls used?
Why incubate the plate in step 5?
Why wash the plate in step 6?
In step 7, a secondary antibody is added. What is a secondary antibody?
Record your results. Indicate which boxes turned color.
+ (Positive)
– (Negative)
Did you complete the ELISA correctly? Yes/No
If yes, what to the results indicate about:
Patient A
Patient B
Patient C
If no, explain what you did wrong and what you would change for the next time you perform the assay. Be specific

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