Essay “Starting Over” by Malcolm Gladwell

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For our Final Analysis, we’re going to write about the essay “Starting Over” by Malcolm Gladwell Download “Starting Over” by Malcolm Gladwell, which was in the August 2015 issue of The New Yorker. The focus of the issue was on the 10th anniversary of the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Gladwell takes a provocative approach to the topic, suggesting that the dispersed residents of New Orleans may have ended up better off than they were before, at least in some cases.
Our Final Analysis essay will be a rhetorical analysis of this article, and you will have a choice of one of three approaches:
An argument analysis, much like we did for our first essay, where you focused on a rhetorical strategy (i.e., ethos, pathos, or logos) that the author used and show how Gladwell is using one of these rhetorical appeals.
A genre analysis, as we did for our second essay, where you compared or contrasted an original source article to a more popular version of that article; in this case, you would compare the Gladwell article to one of the source articles listed in Learning Activity 15.
A rhetorical analysis, as we did for the final essay on David and Goliath, where you looked at some particular rhetorical technique that Gladwell used throughout the book; again, in this case, you would look at one technique that you see him using throughout the article, which may be what you wrote about for the essay on the book but doesn’t have to be.
Regardless of your choice of approach, you will write a 2-3 page essay with an introduction leading to a clear and specific thesis sentence, followed by body paragraphs that use a mixture of direct quotes and paraphrases, correctly cited, to support your points in an organized way. Remember to be careful with your sentence structure, grammar, word choices, and spelling throughout. You need not write a Works Cited/Reference page, but you will use page numbers for “Starting Over” and, if you do the second option, you will use page numbers for that source article if it has page numbers.

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