Summarize the major plans that impacted the creation of the Constitution: The Virginia Plan The New Jersey Plan

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In this assignment you will summarize the major plans that impacted the creation of the Constitution:
The Virginia Plan
The New Jersey Plan
Connecticut/Great Compromise
You will need to do research in the PCC library. Don’t worry — this can be done virtually! This assignment will also get you used to creating summaries of content.
Step 1: Research Your Plan
Use the resources in the POLSC 1: Introduction to American Government Library Guide to find 2 external sources about your plan. The Article Databases tab in this resource will be particularly helpful if you are off campus. For this assignment, you may find the Gale Virtual Reference Library and the US History in Context databases useful.
Off Campus Access Information Page if you need more information about off-campus access to library resources.
Step 2: Summarize Each Plan
In your own words, create a 150 word summary of each plan (450 words total). Here are some questions to guide you. Please do not simply answer the questions, but rather use them to create a well-organized summary of your information.
Who wrote the plan?
Who benefited from the plan?
What specific powers will the congress have?
What powers (if any) will the executive have?
Is there a separate judiciary and interpreter of laws?
What will the relationship look like between the national and state governments with this plan?
Again, these questions are meant to guide you, please create a summary using your own words. For more help on summary writing, you can check out this How to Write a Summary PDF. Make certain to create a citation (MLA, APA, or Chicago citation) for your sources. Many of the PCC Shatford Library Databases provide resources for creating citations. However, if you need help citing sources, please check out this resource for Citations from the PCC Library.
If you have difficulty with your writing, check out PCC’s 24/7 Online Tutoring Help. A tutor will not write your work for you, but will help to give you ideas about how to improve your writing.
How to Complete Your Assignment
Submit your work here in the CANVAS system as a Word 97-2003, .docx or other word processing file. (Google Docs, Open Office are also acceptable. If you are using iWorks, please convert to one of these file formats, as your instructor may not be able to view your document.)
Directions to Submit

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