Instructions Assignment #1 * Submit in the Assignment tab the following: Write a

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Assignment #1 *
Submit in the Assignment tab the following: Write a job description used to communicate to job applicants and managers what skills and abilities are necessary to perform the job. ALSO, review section 4.1, 4.2, etc. for specific information and thoroughness.
* Develop it on what you would consider your dream job [If you are currently working in your dream job; come up with another job that you have thought about pursuing or would like to pursue].
* Ensure that you include the following: Tasks, Essential Duties of the job, Administrative Information about the job/Hierarchy, all and additional Responsibilities, Statement of the job’s Purpose, Major Elements of the job, along with your complete description.
* Submit 2-4 pages APA format – you will be graded on content, connection to the textbook material, clarity, grammar, spelling, originality – see rubric in content tab online [Note that 2-4 pages does not include your cover sheet or reference page].
NOTE: Go to a credible source such as, HR websites, Government websites for sample job descriptions and review an actual job description for help with formatting.
TIP: Can I take your completed job description and post it for possible candidates to apply!
So that we are clear: I did NOT ask you to write a paper about your Dream Job; rather, you are to write up a thorough Job Description for your Dream Job…this is a Document, not a report.
*** I have even provided help under the Announcements on the Homepage
EXTRA Resource:
* Furthermore, for this and ALL remaining Assignments you are to approach as if you are the HR Manager, thus you are now establishing the precedent of how all HR policies for this particular Dream Job will be handled.
Class book Managing Human Resources ISBN: 978-1-337-73812-5 or 1-337-73812-3

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