This week we will be focusing on how to communicate on a topic that interests yo

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This week we will be focusing on how to communicate on a topic that interests you to an audience that is not familiar with the topic.
Using the Three Pillars of Public Speaking: Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and your understanding of verbal and non-verbal techniques, you will demonstrate your ability to connect with your audience by attempting to persuade them to try something you are passionate about.
Follow the steps below for details about the required components of your presentation.
In this first step, imagine that you meet someone at an event that is from out of this world (literally!) and you start a conversation with them about something that you love, but they are not familiar with. Your goal is to persuade your new friend that they should experience, participate or take action to learn more about what you are describing.
Below are some examples that may inspire you:
Favorite video game or artist’s impact on the industry
Benefits of live game streaming (ex: Twitch)
Why your audience should watch a specific Movie or TV show
Celebrating your favorite holiday
How your favorite sport has evolved
Remember: you are not just speaking on what you love but explaining the topic so that they take action to know more about it. Think about why this is important for your new friend and in what ways they could utilize or benefit from it.
You should consider Full Sail’s GPS standards when you are making your choice.
Now that you have identified your chosen topic, let’s move to step 2 of the assignment.
Based on your chosen topic, now it’s time to consider your key points.
To accomplish this, your assignment should include each element below:
What your topic is and why it’s important to you
One piece of evidence that highlights your topic’s importance (support this with outside research)
One way your new friend may be able to relate to this topic
One call to action: Describe how or where your friend can learn more about this topic

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