Please read the passage:

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Please read the passage:
After reading, imagine you are the chief financial officer (CFO) of the manufacturing company and then answer the following questions in Q & A format (which means you should write the question number and the question, then provide your answer).
1. What has Martha, the owner of the company, asked you to do? Why has she asked you to do it? What are the ethical concerns involved in Martha’s request? Dig into as much detail as possible here.
2. How do these concerns conflict with your responsibilities as the company’s CFO and with your human duty to be moral? What is the responsibility of a company’s CFO generally? What, if anything, are the responsibilities of a person who aims to be moral?
3. Could the conflict between Martha’s request and your professional and moral duties be framed as a competition between prudential and moral reasoning? What is prudential reasoning? What is moral reasoning? How do they differ? If you do think the conflict is between prudential and moral reasoning, what are the moral limits of prudential reasons, that is, at what point must we stop thinking prudentially and begin thinking morally?
4. Imagine that you decline Martha’s request. What would your reasons be for declining it? How would you convince someone that declining her request is the right thing to do? What are the potential consequences of acting in this way?
5. Finally, imagine that you decide to honor Martha’s request and you “cook the books” for the company. How would you convince someone that cooking the books is the right course of action here? What moral wrongs would you be committing, if any? What should your punishment be as the CFO who allows such a thing to occur? Should all companies, no matter how big or small, be punished for similar actions?

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