Identify the existing historical secondary literature (the historiography) on SE

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Identify the existing historical secondary literature (the historiography) on SENECA Indigenous women in the United States. identify the most recent literature first, then work backwards in time.
[Secondary literature consists of history journal articles or books. ] (Historical exhibits may be included if there is an accompanying book or brochure or if the text of the exhibit is available online).
2. Write an annotated bibliography on the secondary literature identified.
For each historical source identified in your research, provide the following information:
1. Identify author, title, publication information, date of publication, in Chicago Style bibliography format.
2. Identify the main topic (what is it about, generally?) and the author’s main thesis (what is the historian’s main argument?) for the book/journal article.
3. Briefly summarize the nature of the information on the particular Indigenous nation found in the source.
4. Summarize the most significant information provided about Indigenous women-their roles/status/contributions, etc.
5. Analyze and critique the book/article with regard to its usefulness as a source on Indigenous women and its historical methodology.
6. List any sources you identified in your search that you did not read or discuss in your annotated bibliography.
• Prioritize sources focused on women/gender
• Prioritize most recent literature
• Minimum number of sources required
1 book and 2 journal articles
No book and 5 journal articles

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