It is anticipated that the initial discussion post should be in the range of 250

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It is anticipated that the initial discussion post should be in the range of 250-300 words. Response posts to peers have no minimum word requirement but must demonstrate topic knowledge and scholarly engagement with peers. Substantive content is imperative for all posts. All discussion prompt elements for the topic must be addressed. Please proofread your response carefully for grammar and spelling. Do not upload any attachments unless specified in the instructions. All posts should be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource, ideally within the last 5 years. Journals and websites must be cited appropriately. Citations and references must adhere to APA format.
During this unit you have had the opportunity to explore historical, ongoing, and contemporary issues of ethical and professional consequence. For the discussion this week, you may select either one of the issues presented in the course or a different issue which is nationally or globally relevant, and which in your opinion has become divisive in terms of public opinion. Respond to the following prompts/questions.
Introduce your issue to include the origin, relevance, and current state of your issue both within the United States and globally.
Describe your personal view regarding the issue and defend your view with evidence or personal experience.
What additional information do you believe needs to be shared with the public to better inform and align stakeholders on the issue?
What do you believe is the biggest roadblock to achieving public consensus regarding the issue?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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