You will write an APA-style paper (i.e. title page, double-spaced, 1-in margins,

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You will write an APA-style paper (i.e. title page, double-spaced, 1-in margins, header, Times New Roman, etc.) The page count DOES NOT include the title page or reference page. Paper must be 4-6 pages. Make sure you reference at least 4-6 articles/readings in your final paper.
For the final paper, think about the past 3 guest speakers (Dr. Unique Starks, Fernanda Obeso LMSW,and Anika Carter LMSW).
How have they incorporated an anti-oppressive lens or multicultural and social justice lens in their work?
What kind of interpersonal skills do you hear them referring to in their lectures (reference your reading in the book).
Can you name the systemic issues that impact the clients they work with?
Describe why it is important to have a macro/systemic approach and a micro approach to interpersonal counseling.
How can you be an accountable practioner/professional now or in the future?
Lastly, reflect on yourself as a future human service professional (or your future professional self), do you see how Uniques, Fernanda, or Anika approach can help your professional career? If not, identify possible avenues you would like to explore whether it is with yourself and your journey with growth and development or professionally with population or careers you would like to consider.
This final paper should demonstrate your knowledge on the readings and comprehension of the course with systemic lens and interpersonal skills. It should also touch on your future self and how you can be an accountable practitioner in any field you work in. Lastly, what would you like to explore for your future self? Do some research on possible population or career you might want to pursue.

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