Formulating open-ended questions in response to client’s content is an essentia

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Formulating open-ended questions in response to client’s content is
an essential skill for counselors. For each situation develop two
open-ended questions.
So, instead of spanking, I went for walks twice this week and thought about what I wanted to do.
I don’t get what we are supposed to be doing here.
My problem is my wife and her constant complaints.
Here we go again. Same old stuff, just a new version.
I am tired of dealing with all of this crap. I just can’t do it anymore. Something has to change.
After you have developed two open-ended questions, look at the
statement again and develop a brief scenario for the situation. Then
identify strength in the client and one affirmation statement a
counselor could use in therapy.
Example: Statement: I love my kids, but sometimes they push me to the edge, and then I do things I shouldn’t.
Open-ended Questions: Tell me about a time recently
when you did something and then afterward felt like you shouldn’t have
done it. What are the feelings like after one of these episodes when
you’ve felt pushed and then reacted in a way you didn’t like?
Scenario: A mother recently got so frustrated with
her six-year-old daughter for leaving her toys out after repeated
requests to clean her room. She opened the window, started throwing the
toy out onto the lawn, and screaming at her daughter that she did not
appreciate the cost of providing for her.
Strength: Mom is vested in teaching her daughter the importance of taking responsibility and learning to care for her belongings.
Affirmation: You are attempting to instill a sense of responsibility in your daughter from a young age.
Response posts:
Expand and integrate into the discussion a challenge, refute, or accept the other students’ responses.
Explain and justify why you did refute, challenge, and modify, or accept their ideas.

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