You will take your understanding of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and then create an

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You will take your understanding of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and then create an argument about how the overall idea of the novel (not its summary, but the premises of your analysis of the text) can be applied to current culture. You will prove that argument with evidence from the text and with evidence from the world, which is an additional level of analysis. You’ll need to apply concepts from the text and explain how they relate to real-world examples and how they prove your thesis.
This should not be a list of examples and loose connections to passages from the text. You must explain how your real-world examples are related to parts of the text (through analyzing passages) and how they prove your argument.
This is not an opinion paper; it is an analytical one and must be written in third person. Biased language doesn’t change people’s minds; effective writing and logical ideas do. Because Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopic novel, you can, if you choose, conclude your paper with an explanation on why these ideas and examples are important/dangerous and what they mean for culture. Must Include quotes from the book!
This paper should be a minimum of 6–7 pages (Work Cited page does not count toward the requirement) and follow all MLA formatting and citation guidelines. This essay is due Sunday, May 22 by midnight.
An “A” paper will have the following:
A thesis that addresses both premises from Fahrenheit 451 and those ideas’ applicability and importance in current culture
Textual evidence to support thesis
Real-world examples to support thesis
Thorough explanations that prove how textual evidence and real-world examples prove your thesis
Correctly formatted MLA in-text and Work Cited citations
Smooth transitions between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs
Grammatically correct quotations from text that are incorporated into your own structured sentences
Less than six major grammatical errors

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