In this paper, you will generate a claim about [title of primary work] that draw

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In this paper, you will generate a claim about [title of primary work] that draws on one of the contexts we have been discussing in Unit 3: other works by the same author; the historical/cultural worlds of the work’s production and reception. You must present a claim focused on a specific element in [title of primary work] and use one or two supporting contextual sources to develop your argument.
By “element,” I mean an image, a scene, a plot development, a character, an authorial decision, etc. As always, your claim should respond to a debatable question of interpretation. Your main claim, which you should indicate clearly at the beginning of your essay, is your take on the interpretive question you are raising. Your essay should then proceed to support your claim through detailed analysis of textual evidence organized in an organized, logical, and persuasive way. Keep in mind that you are bringing in the one or two works representing relevant contexts because doing so enables you to address the claim you are making about [title of primary work], the primary focus of your essay.
As always, the claim should be one that other readers of the poems might disagree with or one that would not occur to superficial readers. Textual support in the form of reference to specific details of the texts, including quotations, should be pervasive in the essay.
In assessing your papers, I will consider the following four features of the essay:
The insightfulness and originality of the paper’s
The pervasiveness of evidence and the persuasiveness of your analysis in support of the
The clarity and logic of the paper’s structure, signposted by topic
The force and fluidity of the writing.
Please see the syllabus for a full grading rubric for major papers.
MUST BE WRITTEN USING these readings:
1. “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a story of mental illness, gender roles, narrative design, and historical perspective. The story is somewhat autobiographical and raised awareness of those who have deep, hidden needs.
A Jury of Her Peers” look at gender values and issues regarding law.
3. Adrienne Rich :
Feminism : -“Living in Sin”
“For the Record”
“Tonight No poetry”
Living in SinPlanetarium”
“For the Record”
“Tonight No Poetry Wil Serve”

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