Hope is well the reason I’m writing this email is to know if there is a possibil

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Hope is well the reason I’m writing this email is to know if there is a possibility if I could work partime next year from September until beginning of May 2023. the reason why is I have to do an internship for my school as you already know I’m in school for social work . I was gonna my internship at the school district but they couldn’t find me a social worker to supervises me another for to do with you guys I need to be supervised. When I contacted the main office they told me I need to talk my principal at the school I work for . The internship I needed to attend to it have to be during days time and I needed to do 16 hours a week to do for the 2 semester. Because of the hours I work with you guys at the school I won’t be able to do full time . I really like working here with the students and staffs and I also enjoyed what I do . And hopefully when I’m done and will continue working in school district. The hours I needed to work is ether 2 days in the week or 3 days 1 full day . Ex if I work 3 days it would be Tuesday , Thursday and Friday.Tuesday and Thursday I could work from 9:45 until 130 and Friday from 7:15 until. And if I work 2 days in the week it would be Wednesday and Friday 7:15 or earlier full day . But My advisor is still looking for another agency that would let me do my internship late afternoon and weekends and it’s not 100% because most agencies only open during the day. If it’s not possible to work those hours or days I would have to take a leave of absence and I wish don’t have to do that so please consider I rather work partime than taking a leave of absence.

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