The instructions state “Write, in your own words, a summary on the Database Desi

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The instructions state “Write, in your own words, a summary on the Database Design Tips tutorials while incorporating your own experience and understanding. Apply critical thinking and an academic writing style that demonstrates your understanding of the difference between a Microsoft Access database and an Excel spreadsheet by comparing the features of each and when they would be used as personal computer applications if applicable. Additionally, include basic diagram for a database that includes at least 2 tables and at least 3 fields on each table.”
Paper Format:
Save As ~ CIS101_YourUsername_DatabaseDesign
Title Page ~ Course Name, Paper Title, Your Name, Total Word Count, Submission Date
Paper ~ APA Style
Reference Page ~ Minimum 2 resources required using proper citation. Just listing an URL address will not count as a citation.
If you need help creating acceptable citations please visit
Minimum 1.5 pages including image, but not including title or reference page
Resources to write your paper can be collected from various Internet sites using Google, and you are welcome to visit the EGCC Library.
Be sure to review the assignment rubric before submitting to ensure you have met all evaluation criteria.
Attached, I have a sample paper. This sample paper should serve as a guide on how to accurately write an APA formatted paper. Please note that an abstract isn’t necessary. Once you submit your paper, you should receive a plagiarism score from Turnitin. If your score is over 20%, you should edit your paper and resubmit before the deadline.

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