This is well-chosen and important rumor to address, and you have an effective st

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This is well-chosen and important rumor to address, and you have an effective start on research and providing information. I look forward to reading the fully-developed, finished version!
– Use a source in the introduction to help you establish your topic and your paper as part of a scholarly conversation.
– Make the thesis more detailed: don’t just say that you’ll evaluated the rumors; also add a claim as to why its important to address / understand these rumors.
– You might go further into the history of the HIV/AIDS pandemic: did the way it came into the public’s consciousness in the 1980’s make it likely that people would develop, share, and believe rumors about the disease?
– Expand all of the body paragraphs: so far they have strong topics that need further elaboration / support
Alex Weil , May 15 at 1:43pm
Hi Minh!
So far from what I have read form your paper. This really does talk about the point of how Virus inffectione tends to spread and rumors have been able to get out for people to know for the first paragraph introduction. From all of oyur body paragrpash I was starting to udnerstand what oyu keep on meaning but maybe ycould you also tyand finda bit more proof evedivcne on how virus keep spreading and rumors started to get out more, like case about it. Also, for your body paragpraphs when I was reading them, I couldn’t find the sources to bakc up on what you are saying, I did find the authors name, but I could not find the quotations marks of where you saying to back your words. Please add them we know what you are saying. As for the concusion it is really good, and you have a good point on what you are saying. And the work cited page is well good!
Please read the comment above and fix my paper, also it need to be 5 pages or more so please do your best.

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