Find and learn the major points of this book: The Pathfinder: how to choose or c

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Find and learn the major points of this book: The Pathfinder: how to choose or change your career for a lifetime of satisfaction and success
Pathfinder Summary II
Once again, think of The Pathfinder as a way to set yourself up for success at school, what major(s)/minor(s) you choose, what future school(s) you may decide to attend, what career(s) you may decide to pursue, and what kinds of factors go into each of these decisions. While this book might not seem relevant, at first, to an Introduction to Sociology class like ours, think about C. Wright Mills and how he encourages the Sociological Imagination. You will all, at some point, have some sort of job/career that fits into one of our social institutions. You are an individual within the larger social structure. Who you are and how you contribute might feel personal, but you are connected to greater society. Additionally, this book is a great way to see how Sociology as a discipline fits into your academic, personal and possible professional life. It is more of a guide than information you need to memorize (we will not have any exam questions from the book). Just a suggestion: you may want to keep the book for your future even after you have finished this class!
The Pathfinder has 29 chapters that are divided into four main sections: 1) Living a Life You Love, 2) How to Get There From Here, 3) Designing Your Future Career, and 4) Marketing and Job Searching. In many of the chapters, the author has what are called “Inquiries” that encourage you to answer questions, think about your own experiences/desires, and confront some of the common issues people face in figuring out their lives. Make sure to do the inquiries and genuinely reflect on the chapters as you read them.
This Pathfinder Summary II involves asking you a few questions about Chapters 15-29.
Please answer each question thoroughly with GENUINE reflection rather than “correct” answers. Your entire paper should be at least 5-7 pages in length, typed, double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch margins, pages numbered, your name on the upper left corner, and edited for spelling and grammatical errors. Yes, you can number your responses but DO NOT use bullet points. Write in complete sentences with thoughtful responses.
1. How does The Pathfinder specifically define “purpose?” What, according to Lore, does it mean to “live from a purpose?” What, in your own opinion, are the benefits to living from a purpose? What are some of the drawbacks to living from a purpose? Is it possible/useful to distinguish between living from a purpose and working from a purpose? How so?
2. Choose one “purpose” that you would be willing to dedicate yourself to in the next few years of your life. Declare your purpose by writing it down as one complete sentence/statement in BOLD font. Then, discuss at least two ways to express, achieve, or succeed with your chosen purpose. Finally, are you ready to “live from this purpose?” Why or why not? Do you envision “working from this purpose?” How so? How does having a sociological imagination (that you’ve been developing in this course) help you live and/or work from your stated purpose?
3. While you may have your heart set on a particular profession, brainstorm a list of TWO possible career choices that you could see yourself doing. Think about your talents, personality, dreams, plans, and goals. For each career choice, discuss 1) why you’re interested in that career, and 2) why you’d be successful in that career. Which is your top career choice? Why is it your top choice, and what skills and talents (the book makes distinctions between each of these, so discuss both) do you have that would ensure your success in that particular career?
4. How does Sociology as a discipline fit into the two possible career choices you’ve just discussed (in question #3)? How might this specific course (Sociology 1) influence your future education and career trajectories?
5. Choose ONE of the “Inquiries” that you completed from Chapters 15-29 to discuss. Which inquiry did you complete (name it) and what was the overall outcome/result of the inquiry (describe in detail what you did)? Why did you decide to complete that particular inquiry and what personal insights did you gain from doing it? How might this inquiry help in finishing school, making future decisions and planning your career?
You are not allowed to cite anything beyond the book: The Pathfinder

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