All substantive post at a minimum will meet the following criteria: · A m

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All substantive post at a minimum will meet the following criteria:
· A minimum of 200 word count of content, (all posting) which does not include,
quotes, “I agree”, summations/synopsis of another posting, and/or the critiquing of
another posting, and/or salutation and pleasantries, and/or a restatement of the
· Integrate your perspective, theory, research, and/or professional experience in your
own words
· Include specific examples and/or substantiating evidence
· Include where and when applicable in-text citations and references in APA format
(No citation are not required)
· Stay on topic
· Demonstrate proper spelling, grammar, and scholarly tone
What has evolved because of Project Management (PM) and the control of resources PM provides and is now an integral part of Strategic Planning is Strategic Capacity Planning. Companies want and can to do more for less and/or more with the limited resources they have , e.g. instead of doing 3 capital projects they want to do 5 capital projects. Therefore, in addition to our SWOT&T, the importance of using all and/or a combination of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Value chain analysis (VCA) and Resources Base View (RBV), is inherently apparent as we want and need a complete assessment of all of our resources. Why are we interested in detailed assessment of our resources and what exactly are our resources and how does all of this relate/correlate to Strategic Capacity Planning, Strategic Planning and the Strategic Management Process or does it?

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