Post a brief introduction of yourself to your colleagues. Include an explanation

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Post a brief introduction of yourself to your colleagues. Include an explanation as to how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. Also include an explanation for how the Walden MSN Program Outcomes and perspectives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. Finally, explain why networking is important and how it may help you achieve your professional and academic goals
My writing
Hello everyone! My name is Lunemise i am currently a student attending Walden University’s MSN program. My focus is to help the mental health population and this difficult changing times. I have have a nurse for 5 years working on a Med-surg unit. I am also a mother of 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl. When i ask myself what motivates me to become a nurse,the answer is aways the same:caring for others is a noble act for sure,but devoting my life to making someones little better is the most beautiful rewarding life choice i can make.The MSN in eduction is something i have passionate about for a long time now. I believe the MSN from Walden University will help me reach my goal as being a more well-rounded ,devoted professional nurse.Walden’s vision,mission,goals and social change initiatives i am very much interested to learn about this due similar goals Walden university shared with my health care organization improve health outcome in the community.I agree with walden university about communication how to effectively communicate increases the patient ability to understand their health condition more throughly. Most opportunities is not about who you are but about who you know.
Someone else example:
My name is Martha. I am excited to be a student here at the Walden University MSN program. I am passionate about psychiatry and serving patients from underserved communities. I truly believe that Walden University is most aligned with my mission because the university is dedicated to solving societal challenges that are impacting our world. As a nurse, I would like to make a difference in the world by addressing issues that affect our health-care system, such as health disparities, global health inequity, and health-care injustice.
Additionally, as a problem-solving person, I believe this university will provide me the tools needed to be a changemaker. For instance, the mission of the university is to provide students like me with the knowledge, skills, and tools to bring about positive social change. With the opportunity to gain innovative learning skills and diverse process-learning approaches through this program, I will be a much stronger student than I was before.
The university outcomes aligned with me not only because of the emphasis on social change but also because I was taught to bring positive change to in the healthcare system. Being a lifelong learner will enable me to make the necessary changes I desire in the healthcare industry. my communities and to be a lifelong learner. The healthcare system is changing every year for the better, so being able to adapt to changes is important
Networking is very important because it allows me to have new perspectives by working with the ideas of others and seeing how others view healthcare. The opportunity to see how others have used unique techniques to solve issues in healthcare will allow me to grow into a stronger nurse professional and equip me with new ideas to better solve issues in the healthcare world. Furthermore, networking is important in order to have professionals from whom I can seek advice or guidance in my field. As someone who values lifelong learning, networking is essential to being able to learn with others. I look forward to building stronger connections with my classmates at Walden University.

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