What has changed since the disaster?

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The essay is a case study of a past disaster. Essays must include the following information:
Description of the Event
This section can function as the introduction to the essay. Only the specific disaster should be
described here rather than describing the generalities of the hazard. For example, in an essay on
the Haiti earthquake, it is not necessary to include information on general aspects of earthquakes
in this section (i.e. why subduction zones are associated with earthquakes).
In this section, you can address the event from the general to the specific (i.e. a discussion of
what causes that type of disaster and then focusing specifically on the cause of your case study).
Describe the impacts of the event. These could include social, economic, and/or environmental
Describe the reaction to the specific disaster. Were there proactive responses to the hazard in
place or were they more commonly reactive?
What has changed since the disaster? Have new policies or regulations been developed?
Provide a description of the resiliency of the local area.
Reflect on what further work has been suggested as well as your own thoughts about what needs
to be completed to protect people and property from a similar event in the future.

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